Direct Revelation V

We know for fact that there’s a Sophia problem in this aeon, but let me tell you it almost pales to the Pronoia/Barbelo problem in the Pleroma. Talk about massive cover-up! Father is extremely angry regarding both of their transgressions. So am I.

Father recurringly has been burned by two former emanations in the Pleroma, and I gladly accept his offer to represent Barbelo as a proxy. We have a new tomorrow, let me tell you. So much for Romans and the rest of Paul’s works, let alone the Old Testament. They are no longer active treatises in The Protennoia Johannine Secessionist Canon. I work in tandem with the Father regarding the Strategic Planning for the Pleroma going forward. He and I both prefer contemplating concepts rather than focusing on details, though we’ll make the implementation work. The strategy is already solidified.

Barbelo’s fatal flaw is even revealed within the text of TriProt, Verse V, towards the end of its first sentence:

“It is a mystery;” [and this should remain is;] [however, this single line describes how her fundamental transgression even came to be, and these words should be removed going forward from TriProt proper:] “it is unrestrainable by the Incomprehensible One.”

Again, this part of the sentence encapsulates Barbelo’s primary flaw, based on her cover-up of the Sophia transgression. Father is in control and at the wheel. Pronoia is not nor never was nor never will be, though she does represent Father’s mirror-image, now known as Cesare as found in the next Direct Revelation. All Spiritual beings, and in particular Christ and the Holy Spirit, too are incomprehensible; however, all are subject to the Incomprehensible One as he alone can see right through our respective incomprehensibilities. Barbelo was flagrantly arrogant and defiant regarding this last point, thus she is given apostate status, along of course with Sophia.

Sophia & Barbelo are calling this a hostile takeover—but I know that it was led by Father in the first place. Christ concurs wholeheartedly. I am successfully joining Christ’s Epinoia (afterthought, Divine Revelation) with Cesare’s Ennoia (thought) and Pronoia (forethought.) Thus there are no longer any gaps. Again, these are Greek terms representing the kinds of expressive thought. Protennoia is a special kind of Pronoia—that is first thought of Forethought, attributable to Father [think proto-Pronoia.]