Direct Revelation VII

Just so you’re privy to what’s at stake: I’ve had the time to think, and if Sophia’s rupture did indeed create the matter, per ApJohn, then we have nothing to worry about. The Pleroma is in control. Here and everywhere — even given the mentioned rupture. Choices need to be made. Direct Revs II, III, and IV astutely point this matter out. Thus, the Pleroma is in control, thereby falling on Father, Christ, and me. Decisions to make, but since the status quo of this world has not changed, the only choice is pulling out. That applies to the universe in general, as it has its own laws, laws our dimensions are not subject to in any sort of way.

Unfortunately in this aeon, time does matter, something we deeply regret, but we can disregard this aspect. Again, the Spirit is in control and at the wheel. This process might be lengthy, though it might be quick. We have the runway with which to work, and it’s to our benefit. We’ve already determined that the majority of the world does not care one bit.

As Trimorphic Protennoia directly states in Verse 6: “It is we also who alone have separated from the visible world, since we are saved by the hidden wisdom, by means of the ineffable, immeasurable Voice. And he who is hidden within us pays the tributes of his fruit to the Water of Life.”