GosPhil Listing of Sacraments

According to the Gospel of Philip, five “mysteries” or sacraments were recognized. These represent my Personal Sacraments. They are:

1 baptism

2 anointing

3 redemption

4 eucharist

5 bridal chamber (akin to ApJohn’s Autogenes/Spirit of Light process & TriProt’s The Five Seals)

It is clear from the list that these are the five stages of initiation. The community Irenaeus was familiar with applied the name “redemption” to the ritual as a whole (Irenaeus’ Against Heresies 1:21:3-5).

The Sacrament of Redemption is similar to The Ascension, but on a more personal level: the Nag Hammadi texts reveal to us that this sacrament is considered a symbolic ascent through the Heavens. After the anointing, prayers follow for the ascent of the soul. In these prayers, the individual was to declare “I trace my origins to the Pre-Existent One and I am returning to my own from whence I came” (Irenaeus’ Against Heresies 1:21:5). Through their redemption, the person transcends the authority of the demiurge and is no longer subject to the law. Individuals remain physically in the world, but they are no longer of it. They renounce the Devil, and they deny the creator of the physical world as the True God. 

Compare the above listing with the Orthodox Sacraments:

1 renunciation of the Devil and profession of faith

2 baptism

3 anointing

4 eucharist

5 imposition of hands