Johannine or Pauline? Sethian or Valentinian?

For whatever reason, perhaps the Valentinians were more inline with Paul via Theudas rather than the Johannine secessionists, who might have been more in touch with the Sethians as they might have existed—if they were not one-in-the-same. We might have had two macro-movements in play.

I far prefer the Johannine perspective! It’s interesting, as the farther back in time we go, particularly if we focus on Valentinus the person’s time itself, the closer the fusion between the Sethians and the Valentinians becomes.

Again, the Johannines are more or less aligned with the Sethians, and the Paulines essentially adopted the Valentinians. In my opinion, the Paulines trivialize the entire notion of what Christianity is, and go figure as Paul was never a direct Apostle of Christ. In his own words he was. He was more or less a thief who editorialized the message, in this case of Christianity itself.