One could be driven towards naming this very Aeon Redemption, but I prefer the positive connotations of Refinement. Furthermore, Redemption is a sacrament in GosPhil, and by definition such concepts fall explicitly to Christ and Father. Per ApJohn 8: “These are the four Luminaries that stand before the divine self generated, and these are the twelve Aeons that stand before the child of the Great One, the Autogenes.” [Also, “These are the four lights which attend to the son of the mighty one, the Autogenes, the Christ, through the will and the gift of the invisible Spirit. And the twelve Aeons belong to the son of the Autogenes. All things were established by the will of the holy Spirit through the Autogenes.” — p.109, Robinson’s The Nag Hammadi Library]

In tabular form, Christ’s Aeons are as follows: interestingly, the one concept not represented (either by choice or by omission) is Prudence; one can assume this is directly attributable to Christ. Update: with the realignment, Eleleth will now handle Understanding, and Armozel will be given Prudence; Barbelo now has Truth. Daveiethai now has Refinement with implicit Epinoia:

Christ’s Illuminators
PrudencePerceptionRefinement (Epinoia)Peace

Again, for all intents and purposes Refinement has taken the reigns regarding those of the Immovable Race and the administration of Epinoia. It cannot be effectively handled by Sophia from the Ninth, who is of course not in the Pleroma, and anything of the Spirit of Light must be housed accordingly. To clarify: Refinement is post-Redemption and it supplements Perfection for the Immovable Race. Those the Valentinians chose to refer to as psychics—those who are striving, similar to today’s Orthodoxy—will be appropriated to Sophia. The Valentinian pneumatics will fall to Sophia too, that is unless they successfully convert to the Immovable Race; this edict shall retroactively apply. Of course Epinoia does not apply to them as the “Great Church” abolished Epinoia eons ago! To think that Irenaeus eliminated the single most important aspect of spirituality is an absolute abomination. There is no way I am leaving Epinoia in the hands of anything outside of the Pleroma. The Immovable Race from hereon is of paramount importance. To think the Valentinians endlessly attempted to be apologetic to the psychics; this tactic was almost as big an abomination as Irenaeus’ blasphemy. The Valentinians essentially threw the baby out with the bathwater, and this action will cease from this point forward.

Refinement implies constant, positive forward motion into something better, something we all can know and love. It means something very real to me: the state of constant improvement even upon reaching a certain state of Perfection. There will always be the inner drive to continue learning, growing, Conceptualizing, Loving, Understanding, contemplating new Ideas, considering and respecting Providence, intuiting better Perception, furthering Peace, the improving of one’s Memory, furthering Grace, honing Truth, better demonstrating Prudence, and furthering one’s ability to discern Form (that is, whether of the Spirit or the counterfeit spirit.)

In this manner, Refinement is akin to positive reflection, and it’s likewise good to weed out the dross material. It’s the honing of the Spirit, and it represents growth. It’s continually and continuously working in tandem with the Pleroma, and perhaps even others of the Immovable Race, to truly be the best we can be, taking ourselves to new heights and new realizations. Furthermore, it better enables us to be shining Lights in the Aeons.